Good Afternoon everyone. So I have been itching to have something to hang in my art loft.  And today I created something on the computer.  I am going to try to get it printed at kinkos and then mount it on a wood painting panel. 

ART is (16×16).  This was part of the creativity bootcamp workshop I just did.  We had to define Art.  It was kind of crazy because of few of us defined art as some kind of something coming from, residing in or being generated from the soul.  I was actually amazed at how similar our definitions were.

I was reading through a few artist quotes and this was one of my faves. Creativity (16×16)

So here is the panel,  I am going to paint the sides white and use some kind of adhesive (I have not decided which one yet) to stick it on.

It has actually been awhile since I created on the computer ( at least since November (Christmas cards)) so it was really fun to get back into it.  I used photoshop CS4.


well I am not so sure what I was freaking out about… Maybe it is just because of CHANGE…. I am  not a huge fan a change….  But I did it.  I was actually happy to be getting older….I mean helloooooooo, what is the altrnative???   Now I just need to lose 30 pounds and its gonna be on like popcorn. oh yeah baby.

Anyway.  So I almost got closed to finishing this pic for my bday, but my mom has all of my childhood pics, so that is all that I have left to do( going to put 3 pics on the left side in the blank areas).      

Have a happy Tuesday!!!!

well…..the class that was kicking my_______. will be done on Friday, Praise the Lord..!!!!!!!!!!!!!. no really, I do not know how these killer classes keep coming my way back to back. grrrr.  I mean can’t they throw an easy one in between them???????????  So that’s where I have been, trying to keep up in my class.  It really killed me because that left for no creative time…..I was sad.  Have you ever been in a place or time where you simply could not create……its not fun.  So anyways, my bday is this sunday and I will be the big three O………..I thought I would feel all sad and depressed and all that craziness, but I am looking forward to a newer, happier, carefree me.  Im kicking old habits and starting with a bang. oh yeah baby.  Anywyas.  I started this little drawing in my sketchbook, it’s a bday gift to myself, inspired by a picture in Artful blogging (by stampington).

Have a great week !

I can not for the life of me remember what blog I was on when I saw this, but you  must answer these questions……

click on the picture to make larger

Some of these questions I have never even thought about and some I just needed to ask myself again because it’s been a while since I said it out loud or even thought about it.

wishing  you some creative goodness.

Hello folks,

How are you all?  I am ok….. I am hoping for a snow day tomorrow….. This will be the 4th time this year it has snowed down here (Huntsville, AL) .  I can’t remember this happening, ever.  And some guy said the farmer’s almanac is predicting even more snow in February…..I dont know much about farmer’s almanacs but I hope it’s wrong.

So anyway.  I have found a few workshops that I wanted to share with you.

1st is the ART of Silliness 3

I did the art of silliness 2.  It really taught me a lot.  I learned from Carla and the students that I am way too critical of myself and that when mistakes happen they can turn into great things…….

2nd is the She Art Workshop.

This one begins February 28th.  I love her style and my bday is February 20th, so I will be gifting this to myself!!!

3rd is Colorful Designs

This is a two month e course…..great for scrap bookers orrrrrrrrr maybe even art journalers?????

The reason why I am posting about these e courses is because I am trying to make it a priority to become a better artist this year.  So I am taking all of the classes that I can to get tips and tricks from Artist that I admire and respect.

So if you know of any……..please fill me in.

so I thought I would take a moment to share with you a few of my etsy faves…….my bday is next month so I think I have a few gifts that I will be hoping for and purchasing for myself…

 Speaking of gifts I have decided to do the 29 gifts project for the month of my bday….more details on that later….have to figure out how to give myself/time as well as my art…..

more art soon!

Hello everyone……I am having the most stressful week.  I can’t complain all that much though because some of it I brought on myself……I am behind at work.  I have double the assignments in my financial management class (does he not know that we all work full-time and have other obligations……….I think he really likes to read all of these papers he is assigning) and to top it all off I have to go to the funeral of a friend of mine.  He died trying to rescue his girlfriends daughter ( 3yr old little girl) from a burning house…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………  neither of them made it. 😦

So I said a little prayer and took a deep breath.  I will make it through the day, I will make it through the week.  I will make it.

Ok, sorry if I brought you down……I didn’t mean to!!!

So I am still doing activities in my Nurture Your CREATIVITY + Be BULLETPROOF PART1 worshop.  I am loving it.

My definition of creativity is : the outward expression of my soul.

Some of my most recent art journal pages…..

Oh yeah , this is what my artsy/creative friend gave me for Christmas…….Oh how I luv her!  : mug rug.  two pot holders, a 3pk of moleskines, and some yummy fat quarters that i will be making a quilt or throw with…yay

And this was my atc that I did for December….it was our final swap of the challenge she gave me on my bday( one atc per month for 10 months and swap em at lunch). 

Sorry for the blur………………….

And just for kicks and giggles this is my reading list for the year….. there are a few more but this is to get me going.

Have a creative day!!!! Talk to you soon

Ok ladies and gents……I lost my SD card adapter.  You know the thingamajig you have to put your SD card into before you put it in your computer……..yeah, so I am still on the hunt for it, if I cant find it by tonight I am going to buy another one.  So HAPPY BELATED NEW YEAR to all of you.  This year I am going to : Lose weight (I turn 30 in February and I want to be smoking hot!!!!) , save more cash, eat healthier, be more organized and create more!!!!

And when I finally get my pics off of my camera I have sooo much to show you. man o man is that going to be a long post!!!  I have been art journaling like a mad woman! 

Today is the first day of my bullet proof creativity workshop.  OMG. I am so excited!!!!  I love this artist and to be learning from her is just plain awesome.

you can check her blog out.  look on my blogroll to the left and click on lovelife.

Be back soon with lots of pics.

I really really really wanted some of these magazines!!!!!!!  But I am in the process of learning how to be patient and I thought that ordering these magazines through the mail would be pushing it.  So I payed and downloaded them instantly…..yay.  And now I have them forever.  You can print them if you want but you dont have to.  Too Cool!!!

And Next week I will be off until January 4th… yay!  So I will be trying to watch my williowing videos and take a serious look at the magazines.  Last night I just looked at the pictures.

2011 will be filled with art workshops, painting, drawing, art journaling and helping my bestie plan her wedding.

C ya, have a good day!!!

I entered bakerella’s contest on her blog and guess what I won.  I am grateful that I won, but I didn’t win the big shebang which was this awesome cannon camera.  I really wanted it, but I am glad I got something because I am sure thousands entered.


I got a few new books as well.  To give me some things to think about and to give me a little creativity.  And on the one that looks like a composition notebook ….look closely.  Thats my November ATC swap for MaLisa.  We are running a bit late this time, but its all good.  Cant wait to see what she has come up with.

sorry , some of these little babies are a bit blurry.

bullet proof

she art workshop

what im up 2

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