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Ok. Ladies and Gents please excuse my absence…… I have just been bombarded with stress…. Well at first I took 6 weeks of from school because my financial aid didn’t come in and I wasn’t going to get another loan to pay it. After I got over the fact that I would not be graduating when I thought I would, I came to see this little break as a vacation. So during my “vacation” I thought I would try my hand at extreme couponing…. Well I didn’t get around to that, I also thought I would do a complete and thorough cleaning of my house…..Well didn’t get around to that either and last but not least I just knew, I mean I really knew that I would create so much art I would be sick…………………………………………………………Ok let’s take a pause right there…. Ok so right before that break one of my co workers decided to quit… I was promoted to her job (somebody had to do it and I was the only one who even had an idea about how to do that) so a month after she quit her friend quit too, and guess what…… I got to do some of her job too ok we can push play again. So I have just been so stressed trying to meet these deadlines and do this stuff right (and I counted 5 new gray hairs that have appeared since this started) that I have not really wanted to do much of anything when I get home. But this Friday I am off and I am also off on Monday so I hope to get something out there…… I really missed blogging and all of you. And if you were in the path of Irene I really hope you get back to normal soon. I know it can be rough ( we were without power for 5 days because of the tornados it was pretty rough). If I can do it so can you…. Think positive.


ok so I know I have been gone for quite a while……..sorry about that. But after the Tornados hit I just had to take a break from everything (except work , a girl has to pay her bills!) I’ll be back next week!

Hello friends. I have been without power since Wednesday afternoon. Some really awful tornados have come through and it is a sad situation here. Please keep my state as well as Texas, Mississippi, and Tennessee in your prayers. We are just now having open access to grocery stores and for the past 3 days I have gone to the neighboring county to get gas (they get their power from the dam). This has really been an eye opening experience (more on that later).

Talk to you guys soon…..

Um hellllllo did you just here that?  Free workshops for LIFE, even one that is retired.  Ok are you as thrilled as I am.  I just had to share this with you.  It is like an endless amount of inspiration right at your fingertips.

Christy Tomlinson is the bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

please go over there as soon as possible and check it out…..get this it’s affordable and it almost seems like you are ripping her off.  She gives you so many ideas, teaches you so much and inspires you and on top of that you get to watch tons of awesome videos (shhhh. dont tell her but she should be charging more!!!) 

Tons of people are doing giveaways for the workshop, so get to searching those blogs.  If I hear of any new ones I will make sure to post it on here for ya!

I got a Canson mixed media Art Journal a few weeks ago.  And I love it.  I am almost addicted to it, I say almost because I can actually step away from it for a moment or two.

Here are a couple of complete pages.  I also have about 5 works in progress.   I am trying to stop creating new backgrounds until i finish up those 5 wips.  AJing is so relaxing.  The only problem that I am having is trying to stay out of Michael’s and Hobby Lobby,  I need to stop buying new supplies.

i tried to auto correct the color in photshop, but it didn’t work .  the colors are red, sand and variations of blue in the flowers.

C yall later, have a great day.  create something.

I have been experiencing some serious burn out you guys…..Well I don’t know if it’s burn out or if I would rather be doing anything besides schoolwork.  I can kind of see a flicker at the end of the tunnel because I will be graduating in December.  So I am really trying to keep my eye on the prize, but I just don’t want to read anymore business books ever when this is all said and done…. or write another paper ever.

Anyways.  I have not been doing much lately.  But I did take Alisa Burke’s Sketchbook delight course and have been going crazy in my sketchbook……  All I want to do is play around in that thing.  I grabbed some pics to show ya.  I also grabbed a new/ bigger mixed media journal to play around with some new techniques.  So on to the sketchbook lovelies:

This first one was inspired by Juile Fei-Fan Balzer

I have a few more pages that are in progress at the moment.  OMG. I love doing this.  It is so rewarding to have a lil book of goodness. 

Have a blessed day everyone and happy arting and crafting 🙂

So I think I am finally happy with this one (note to self …..stop being so hard on yourself).  I worked on this one yesterday and I like it…..not quite love it, but I am getting there.  (may still need to tweak it just a bit)  I think I will really like it once it printed and I mount it and get it hung on the wall…….  keep checking in , more she art is on the way.

Hello everyone. How are you all on this wonderful Monday morning.  I am doing pretty good, it could always be worse you know, so I am counting my blessings.  So this is my new she art girl. Her name is Juliet and I really like her a lot.  For the life of me I can not figure out why my two girls are in this color pattern.  I mean I love color, so I can not understand this monotone (minus the dresses) thingamagig that is happening.  But either way I’m diggin them.  So this is the start of week two of the workshop and I cant wait to get home tonight and check out the videos……yay.  My homework will just have to wait until tomorrow (shhhh, don’t tell my professor).  What do you all have planned for this week? anything artsy?  Have fun, blog to you soon.

My My My…..I am in love with this workshop, and it’s only the first week.  Some may say…..hmmm, I am not really into making these girls.  But really, it’s more than making the girls.  I look at it as a new way to express myself and learning additional techniques to use in my own art.  I really dont care what anyone says…I LOVE IT.  So I will introduce to you, Jazmine.

My next one I want to do will have maybe five or six girls.  I want to do one inspired by the little dresses for africa.  My mom is a part of the quilting ministry at our church.  They decided to join a cause, to help somebody…They chose Little Dresses for Africa.  They ended up making over 400 dresses for little girls and 250 pants for the little guys.  Check out their website, you may want to get involved too.

Have a great day everyone….get inspired and be creative

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