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Ok. Ladies and Gents please excuse my absence…… I have just been bombarded with stress…. Well at first I took 6 weeks of from school because my financial aid didn’t come in and I wasn’t going to get another loan to pay it. After I got over the fact that I would not be graduating when I thought I would, I came to see this little break as a vacation. So during my “vacation” I thought I would try my hand at extreme couponing…. Well I didn’t get around to that, I also thought I would do a complete and thorough cleaning of my house…..Well didn’t get around to that either and last but not least I just knew, I mean I really knew that I would create so much art I would be sick…………………………………………………………Ok let’s take a pause right there…. Ok so right before that break one of my co workers decided to quit… I was promoted to her job (somebody had to do it and I was the only one who even had an idea about how to do that) so a month after she quit her friend quit too, and guess what…… I got to do some of her job too ok we can push play again. So I have just been so stressed trying to meet these deadlines and do this stuff right (and I counted 5 new gray hairs that have appeared since this started) that I have not really wanted to do much of anything when I get home. But this Friday I am off and I am also off on Monday so I hope to get something out there…… I really missed blogging and all of you. And if you were in the path of Irene I really hope you get back to normal soon. I know it can be rough ( we were without power for 5 days because of the tornados it was pretty rough). If I can do it so can you…. Think positive.


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