I have been experiencing some serious burn out you guys…..Well I don’t know if it’s burn out or if I would rather be doing anything besides schoolwork.  I can kind of see a flicker at the end of the tunnel because I will be graduating in December.  So I am really trying to keep my eye on the prize, but I just don’t want to read anymore business books ever when this is all said and done…. or write another paper ever.

Anyways.  I have not been doing much lately.  But I did take Alisa Burke’s Sketchbook delight course and have been going crazy in my sketchbook……  All I want to do is play around in that thing.  I grabbed some pics to show ya.  I also grabbed a new/ bigger mixed media journal to play around with some new techniques.  So on to the sketchbook lovelies:

This first one was inspired by Juile Fei-Fan Balzer

I have a few more pages that are in progress at the moment.  OMG. I love doing this.  It is so rewarding to have a lil book of goodness. 

Have a blessed day everyone and happy arting and crafting 🙂