My My My…..I am in love with this workshop, and it’s only the first week.  Some may say…..hmmm, I am not really into making these girls.  But really, it’s more than making the girls.  I look at it as a new way to express myself and learning additional techniques to use in my own art.  I really dont care what anyone says…I LOVE IT.  So I will introduce to you, Jazmine.

My next one I want to do will have maybe five or six girls.  I want to do one inspired by the little dresses for africa.  My mom is a part of the quilting ministry at our church.  They decided to join a cause, to help somebody…They chose Little Dresses for Africa.  They ended up making over 400 dresses for little girls and 250 pants for the little guys.  Check out their website, you may want to get involved too.

Have a great day everyone….get inspired and be creative