Good Afternoon everyone. So I have been itching to have something to hang in my art loft.  And today I created something on the computer.  I am going to try to get it printed at kinkos and then mount it on a wood painting panel. 

ART is (16×16).  This was part of the creativity bootcamp workshop I just did.  We had to define Art.  It was kind of crazy because of few of us defined art as some kind of something coming from, residing in or being generated from the soul.  I was actually amazed at how similar our definitions were.

I was reading through a few artist quotes and this was one of my faves. Creativity (16×16)

So here is the panel,  I am going to paint the sides white and use some kind of adhesive (I have not decided which one yet) to stick it on.

It has actually been awhile since I created on the computer ( at least since November (Christmas cards)) so it was really fun to get back into it.  I used photoshop CS4.