well…..the class that was kicking my_______. will be done on Friday, Praise the Lord..!!!!!!!!!!!!!. no really, I do not know how these killer classes keep coming my way back to back. grrrr.  I mean can’t they throw an easy one in between them???????????  So that’s where I have been, trying to keep up in my class.  It really killed me because that left for no creative time…..I was sad.  Have you ever been in a place or time where you simply could not create……its not fun.  So anyways, my bday is this sunday and I will be the big three O………..I thought I would feel all sad and depressed and all that craziness, but I am looking forward to a newer, happier, carefree me.  Im kicking old habits and starting with a bang. oh yeah baby.  Anywyas.  I started this little drawing in my sketchbook, it’s a bday gift to myself, inspired by a picture in Artful blogging (by stampington).

Have a great week !