Hello folks,

How are you all?  I am ok….. I am hoping for a snow day tomorrow….. This will be the 4th time this year it has snowed down here (Huntsville, AL) .  I can’t remember this happening, ever.  And some guy said the farmer’s almanac is predicting even more snow in February…..I dont know much about farmer’s almanacs but I hope it’s wrong.

So anyway.  I have found a few workshops that I wanted to share with you.

1st is the ART of Silliness 3

I did the art of silliness 2.  It really taught me a lot.  I learned from Carla and the students that I am way too critical of myself and that when mistakes happen they can turn into great things…….

2nd is the She Art Workshop.

This one begins February 28th.  I love her style and my bday is February 20th, so I will be gifting this to myself!!!

3rd is Colorful Designs

This is a two month e course…..great for scrap bookers orrrrrrrrr maybe even art journalers?????

The reason why I am posting about these e courses is because I am trying to make it a priority to become a better artist this year.  So I am taking all of the classes that I can to get tips and tricks from Artist that I admire and respect.

So if you know of any……..please fill me in.