Ok ladies and gents……I lost my SD card adapter.  You know the thingamajig you have to put your SD card into before you put it in your computer……..yeah, so I am still on the hunt for it, if I cant find it by tonight I am going to buy another one.  So HAPPY BELATED NEW YEAR to all of you.  This year I am going to : Lose weight (I turn 30 in February and I want to be smoking hot!!!!) , save more cash, eat healthier, be more organized and create more!!!!

And when I finally get my pics off of my camera I have sooo much to show you. man o man is that going to be a long post!!!  I have been art journaling like a mad woman! 

Today is the first day of my bullet proof creativity workshop.  OMG. I am so excited!!!!  I love this artist and to be learning from her is just plain awesome.

you can check her blog out.  look on my blogroll to the left and click on lovelife.

Be back soon with lots of pics.