So here she is ladies and gents….the christmas postcard draft numero uno.  I am thinking I kind of like it.  At first it was just the “stamp” and then while I was at lunch today I thought to myself, hey….let me do it at an angle….and I did and I like. 

and here are some other variations that are still being considered:

My friends….I have to say that I love Photoshop!!! I mean I always have, but it has been awhile since I have been able to do something for me  instead of doing work related things (boring government stuff).I am going to continue to look at them until the end of the week and chose one and then send them off to to get printed.

Which one do you like?

I got the pre lit gift ($6) from a store called trees and trends for, but I am sure they probably have something similar at Hobby Lobby.  I also purchased a light box off of ebay to take the pics ($30), I actually intended on have these pretty ornaments I got from Pier One on my post cards, but that didn’t work out.