Tsk Tsk Tsk can anything go my way.  I am going to have faith that the roadblocks that I am encountering this week along the path of my creative journey are not roadblocks at all.  They are speed bumps that allow me to see what I am really supposed to do.

 I need to think positive because my art is not co-operating with me….see below……..

So it’s becoming a little more difficult to create this dagum Christmas post card. I am not “feeling it” . It is a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. I know it’s me that is making it difficult but that isn’t really making things better: Jamila, you are the reason that it is not turning out the way you wanted……oh thanks self for letting me know that. Grrrrr…… Bah humbug….no no no let me quit, I love Christmas and this darn Christmas post card will be finished and ready to go in time no matter what (as I keep my fingers crossed) …

 The real distracter this last five weeks has been this accounting class. Man oh man it is kickin my butt!!! I mean I have never taken it before and then to top that off I felt like I was being thrown to the wolves. This course is for people who have at least been introduced to the crap before. Sorry if any of you like Accounting, please don’t take it personally.

 So anyways I have realized that some things just are not as easy as they seem. A few weeks ago I got some gesso, last week I got some golden fluid acrylic paints. I decided to try them out in my art journal… the first pic you see below is done with watercolor crayons..the second one that is all gessoed up is the one that I did the experiment on……or shall I say the disaster.( no pic taken of “the after mess”, sorry , I was trying not to disappoint myself even more) I am finding out that I may not like this gesso stuff, but I’m gonna try it again, I can’t quit after only the first try, and I have to use that big tub of gesso one way or the other……do any of you all like gesso. So you have any tips and or tricks? I think the thing that bothered me the most was being able to see the brush strokes and the color not being “true”. Both those issues could be the golden liquid paint and not the gesso. Sorry gesso, I didn’t mean to be so quick to judge you. I’m used to using much thicker paint , so it could be the paint, or it could be both the gesso and the paint…….we shall see Please share tips trick or advice that you have picked up along the way……………………..