You know, I am a little perturbed, disappointed, upset…..  Here I am going out and buying all of these nice things so that I can begin my ART Journal……I was sooooo excited (well, still am…just had a bit of a setback).  First of all I had to wait for the thing to come in the mail, and then I had to try and finish up all my other crap going on before I could play with my art stuff (homework and cleaning up this house a bit and visiting family and friends).  So then I finally get a bit of time where I can just sit down, relax and do my thing …….I drew this cool chick with an afro……oh, she was delightful….then I decided I wanted to stick two pages together to make a thicker page( I guess I did this step out of order).  Well I used the golden semi gloss gel (and after it dried it ended up not even being flat, but who cares, ….well I did at first, but then I got over it….I told myself it was adding to the charm) and I guess I used too much or it soaked through the page or something because when I let it dry and then painted over it, it seemed like it was repelling the paint or something.  And in my opinion the paper has no tooth and is just too thin for my liking……  So I gotta find me some gesso and then do a few experiments before I mess up another page in my ART Jornal.

Of course she is not finished yet, I got frustrated and stopped…..Do any of you have any tips and or tricks or suggestions on how you like to art journal?  This will be my very first one ever, so all comments will be put to good use.

So until I figure some things out, I am going to do a little work on my postcard ( you know the one that is already supposed to finished,  I am going to do it very simple, probably just use some scrapbook materials….hopefully it will look cool, if not …..Idk…we will talk about that if we get there) and my ATCs , I have a lunch swap with MaLisa this Thursday, I wonder what she is going to come up with this time?????  I wonder what I am going to come up with this time.  I have a few that are already done, but she deserves one that was made especially for her.  I’ll show ya when I get it done.

For this version of the post card I have only used scrap book supplies so far.  The snow flakes came on a big sheet (sorry I did not cut them out myself, that was the plan but then when I saw that sheet of beautiful snowflakes I just got them instead)

Thanks guys and gals.  Hope ya have a great week!!!