Hello everyone…. I missed you all!!!!!  I have been busting my butt trying to take this Accounting class.  It’s at a Masters level…….but guess what I never even took it at a regular level, and to top it off….it’s online…..yay…. ugh.  So I am almost a year into this Master’s degree, and I must admit….I think I am at the point of burn out.  I just can not seem to find the motivation to PICK THE BOOK UP.  I would rather do other things….. Well enough about that… So I got some new stuff…. Take a looksies:

So as you can see on the left there is a print….yay….do you know where it’s from???? this beautiful print from one of my fave artist right now: Geninne…..yay

she sent a little post card along with the print…yay!

And then we have some yummy looking fabric, I am not quite sure what I am going to do with it yet, but I got a decent amount of it…. so we will see when I get the time to focus on one project…..maybe of Christmas:

Next we have this neat little contraption….I use it for my moleskin….which as you can see is just a little bit too big for it, but I do it anyway.  But you could keep notecards in it, a pen , ur stamps….basically whatever your heart desires…

I have decided I was going to try my hand at Art Journaling…..Which gave me yet another excuse to purchase yet another sketch book….yes I know I am not supposed to buy another one until my other one was complete…but I am going to sketch in the other and get my journal on in the new one…..yay!!!! 

I am also looking at willowing’s free online workshop


I ❤ willowing.  She is so soft-spoken and caring and she just seems like a really cool chick!!! 

And for my art journaling……I have purchased a few things that I have seen on Suzi blu and willowings vids, oh and lets not forget wyanne….luv her too!!!!

http://www.alovelydream.com/    – Suzi Blu

http://willowing.ning.com/    – willowing

http://wyartjewels.blogspot.com/   – WYANNE

you all have to check the ladies out!!!!!  I am really loving them at the moment…

In this pic we have Golden semi gloss Gel, my colored ATCs and the lil roller.  I am really loving these chipboard ATCs (see below)…. Did I tell you I have a fear of white stuff.  For example….cars (I am afraid they will get dirty, same goes for a shirt or all white shoes) and when it comes to a canvas or a sketchbook page……..ohhhhh buddy….takes me forever.

I also purchased some………watercolor crayons…….ooooh cant wait to play with these….

So here is the ATC I did for last months swap… The day I made it the rain acted like it was never going to stop, so that is where my theme came from….

These are two finished ones on chipboard:

I forgot to take a pic of the gloss stuff I put on them…..self leveling something…..

And here are my wips…… (Works in progress)  you can’t really see the one at the bottom, but it’s just a really cool looking door I found that I just wanted to paint.

Ok everyone that’s it for today….Hope you have a great remainder of the week…oh and guess what.  The winner for the giveaway was……… Kimberly at     http://ksj1717.blogspot.com/  

  check out her blog

Cya soon!!!