Hello everyone.  Hows it going.  Hmmmmm….I suppose I am ok.  I could be better and I could also be much much worse.  So again…no complaints.  Well I am starting to actually fill in that new moleskin I told you about a few posts back.  Even though the sketches/drawings are not directly related to anything that is going on in my art of silliness2 class I think I can thank Carla for inspiring a new creative me.  And the class is not even over with yet.  But she has opened my eyes to not being so fearful.  I mean helllllllo its my sketchbook, who cares if the stuff in it is not perfect, I was so busy trying to compare what I was doing to other artist that I lost sight of my own great accomplishments. 

And I even finished up my cactus, which was inspired by a purple cactus pic on flickr.

And I started to play around with an egg that I got from hobby lobby a few months ago.  I was bored and didn’t feel like writing my paper that was already late ( shame on me).

And here is what is going to be in the giveaway.

 It will be a random drawing.  All you have to do to enter is tell a friend either on your blog or over the phone (if you don’t have a blog) about my giveaway.  Then come back and post a comment , let me know that you spread the news and tell me where you went on your favorite vacation.

A winner will be chosen next MONDAY.   Thank you!