Good Morning to each and every one of you!!! I don’t know about you all but I was off from work yesterday and got to sleep in yay!!!! 🙂 What a nice treat!!!  So anyways down to buisness…..MaLisa and I did our swap.  Mine was inspired by that little thing you may have caught yourself doing once in your life….he loves me, loves me not, he loves me….loves me not.  She said she just started makin dots with sharpies on her ATC paper and that’s how hers came to life.

As you can see in the back ground of my ATC I got a new book!!! and it is full of great exercises to get your creative juices flowing.  Its called the drawing lab by Carla Sonheim.  So I started by getting some of the suggested materials to add to my stash.

Then I went straight through the book twice before stopping on the 100 faces challenge.  And here are the two that I have so far.


 And I started on a painting that I’m going to finish up with sharpie paint markers (man I love those markers). But I am stuck like Chuck because I have to wait on Michaels to get some more in, they also seem to have the ones I don’t want or need in stock.

I hope your week is full of creativity!!