So I have decided to take an online art class, as if I didn’t already have enough on my plate.  But I am excited, this will hopefully be my stress relief for the day.  I get to focus on nothing but being creative…..yay….so excited.  Will you join me? 

future purchase

Ok, so what did I do this weekend besides go to my neices’ volleyball tournament and go to the movies with my honey……ugh. I did next to nothing.  Oh by the way we went to go see the last exorcism ( not worth the money, we love scary movies and almost fell asleep from the lack of horror).  But anyways I just felt like doing nothing , but I did start doing a doodle on a cross.  I realized that I don’t have one anywhere in my house, which is weird.  So I decided I needed to make one , instead of going out and buying one. 


So I have this huge canvas that I have no idea what to do with… you can see my most recent stuff has been on small ones.  So the thought of having to do a big one is a little intimidating!!!   I think I want to do something with stripes and on top of that some kind of really pretty flower.  We will see what I come up with in the sketch book.  I need to get focused because it that time again (ATC SWAP WITH MALISA) and I have not even started.  We are swapping on Thursday……I guess I better hurry!