sorry about that!!!  Every since I got sick a few weeks ago my life just has not gotten back into the groove of things.  It’s like I have not fit back into it yet, maybe because I gained five pounds from the steroids they had me on…  Anyways so I got my ATC trades from MaLisa….so jelous.  She did a great job this time.  Well she always does a great job.  One of the ATC was inspired by the Zentagle book I got a few months back.. Luved it!!!

My bestie wanted me to do a small painting of something that would look nice or her desk and those are what I came up with.  I am really diggin the purple and silver, I just started to doodle on that purple canvas and I love what it became.


So guys and gals , what is next on our adventure through art?  I think I really would enjoy the calmness that comes over me when creating a stamp.  Maybe that’s next.  I also want to paint this pic of a cactus that I saw on Flikr, I am waiting for permission first though.