Tomorrow is my friday off.  Yay.  But I have tons of stuff I have to do , so it isn’t like I will be relaxing.  But hey I will not be at work so that is something to look forward to.  So this week in the mail came more fabric (in two different batches).  I really love these!!! I just don’t know what I will do first……oh yeah I know finish up my work in progress art projects before I even think about touching this fabric . 

So here is the fabric:

The other night I was laying in the bed and I could not sleep.  I was just staring at the fan.  It was off because it is very noisy and I can’t sleep with the squeaking that it does.   So while I was staring at the fan I just hopped up and did this.  Not sure if it is really realistic, I mean it is sort of…..I think it just may need to grow on me a bit.