so today I thought I would show you this new fabric I got.  MaLisa and I are thinking about doing a mini quilt swap in the upcoming months and I thought I would get a jump on ordering some fabrics.  I know she loves blues, greens, teals but I am not so sure about the orange, so keep your fingers crossed.  If she does not like orange then I have others to choose from because I ordered some fabric on ebay yesterday….I’ll show you when they come in.  I can not wait to get started….but I will have to because I am all over the place with all of these projects that I have going on.  Do you ever get that feeling like there is not enough time in the day to do all that you want creatively???  Gosh.  If I could stay up all night and work on my art and then move to a stamp or to and then move on to the next project I could get so much more done….but I love to sleep and if I don’t get enough I can get a little cranky.    So anyways I did a little on my flower last night.  I did not complete as much of it as I wanted to , but that just gives me something to look forward to doing tonight.  I went to Geninne’s Etsy page last night ( go to the left side of my page and click on her blog) because I am ready to buy my first piece of art by another artist.  I am loving her five sparrows!!!  I really wish she would make a print of the dogwood painting she did for her sister.  I love that painting .. she did such an awesome job on it.  But it has a home and it is super special.  So maybe it should not be replicated..  I am actually considering starting up my own etsy store.  I am a bit nervous about it though.  Will I have enough supplies for the demand.  Will there be any demand at all and the list of apprehensions goes on and on and on.  I am really trying hard not to talk myself out of it.  But sometimes I can be a bit of a worry wart. 😦

So, until next time you guys and gals.  Hope you have a great Friday!!!