Hey everyone, sorry about my lack of posting for the past few days….My job is trying to kill me.  Geez Louiz.  Anyway I wanted to show you my new painting that I am working on, I have not come up with a name yet, but I am sure it will come to me when it is done.  I just started it last night.  I think I am going to do some feathers in pen.  I’ll show you my progress because I am going to work on it some more tonight. 

I am thinking about doing a mini quilt swap with my buddy from work.  (dont tell her I forgot to do my atc for last months swap.  Have to make a mental note to do that tonight).  So I was looking on etsy for fabric and I came across this and just wanted it so bad, I just loved the fabric that she used to make it .   Her shop is on etsy(2Munkeez) and I am sure you can find something on there that you just have to get.  What is your fave shop?   Let me know so I can increase my goody supply.  I love supporting my fellow artisans 🙂

Oh.  Have to show you this picture of a cloud I saw on my way home…