I was absent from work on Monday and while I was gone my creative friend at work made me something (awwwwww) the top of the paper box says welcome back my friend.  (she missed me , we talk  almost everyday so I bet she was bored) .  Inside of the box is a dozen paper roses that she made herself (2 cool) .  I think the farthest I ever got with origami is , sad to say because i dont think it really qualifies as origami, a paper plane.  So anyways moving on from my cool box of paper roses.  Last night at about ten I decided I had enough of flipping through the channels so I decided to finally give carving a stamp another try.  I just took a pen and drew it directly on the rubber. ( since it is my first time ever , I did not think I would be keeping it, just trying out a few reccomended techniques).  But I was actuall shocked at how it turned out.  I am going to have to learn how to slow down.  I was so excited that I was actually “doing it” that I messed up in a few places.  I was so shocked I could hardly wait to try it out.  But I do not have any ink pads :(.  So that is my mission for this afternoon or maybe tomorrow (I get paid and could by a lot more).  So while I was watching (or listening to the news) I drew a few more stamp ideas.  Will show you my ideas for new stamps before Friday hopefully.

If you know of any blogs that you think I would be inspired by please dont hesitate to drop me a line and share the love.

Hope you guys have a great day:)