Here are two pages from my new notebook that I got just for tangles and doodles.  The squares will get bigger and bigger on each page.  I absolutely love some of them, and some of them I wish I would have not done in pen.  But hey that is the process of art, you dont LOVE everything you create.  I am just glad I was able to hold off and not rip the page out or try to cover it up with white out. ( I am really bad at that, if I make one mistake I usually want to throw the whole thing away and start over).

I just bought these little egss at Hobby Lobby yesterday.  I dont know what I am going to do with them just yet.  I might tangle or doodle them???  The egss are sitting on a quilt top that I did a year ago.  Never got around to actually quilting it.  When I do I will post of pic.


I’ll get better at taking these pictures.  *I promise*  Hope you have a good day and come back soon!